MicroPointT Tape
Perimeter Security Solutions - Fence Detection System
MicroPointT Tape
MicroPoint Tape integrates the detection capabilities of Southwest Microwave's MICRONET fence detection system with a barrier of steel barbed tape security coil. This combination of products produces two of the most important components of security, delay and detection. MicroPoint Tape secures a rugged barrier that will not only delay an escape, but also specify the location of the attempted breakout to within 3 m (10 ft).

Based on revolutionary MicroPoint Cable technology, MicroPoint Tape transmits alarm signals and operating power to MICRONET processors and auxiliary sensors along the perimeter, eliminating the need for extensive wiring.

MicroPoint Tape has the unique advantage of software-based zoning. This allows for a less expensive upgrade when existing fence detection zones must be integrated with the new technology being installed on overhead security coil.

MicroPoint Tape was designed to minimize the nuisance alarms common to other outdoor perimeter security products. Through proprietary Point Impact Discrimination, the system is sensitive only to localized disturbances, such as climb or cut attempts, and not the distributed noise on the fence or steel barbed tape generated by environmental disturbances such as wind, rain or vehicle traffic.
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