INTREPID Series II System Controllers
Perimeter Security Solutions - Alarm Monitoring and Control System
INTREPID Series II System Controllers
Universal INTREPID System Controllers provide extensive perimeter security management options, enabling the development of an alarm monitoring and control program to suit each facility's unique requirements. INTREPID System Controllers offer scalable, plug-and-play solutions to suit sites of any size or con-figuration, with features ranging from local or remote relay control to centralized, TCP/IP-based management of large or multi-site applications. Network-based control options support remote device configuration and monitoring capabilities for networked applications.

INTREPID System Controllers conveniently and reliably manage all INTREPID Series II perimeter detection systems MicroPoint II Fence Detection System, MicroTrack II Buried Cable Detection System and MicroWave 330 Digital Microwave Link. Control modules also incorporate and operate contact-closure auxiliary security devices and interface with assessment equipment (CCTV/DVR) or other system outputs.

INTREPID System Controllers facilitate the assignment of alarm inputs to specific perimeter segments or zones of desired lengths. For added flexibility, multiple sensor technologies can be assigned to a single zone. Zones may be associated with specific outputsTM such as camera presets so that when a perimeter breach is detected, precise visual assessment is achieved.

INTREPID controllers seamlessly integrate all Series II devices via a common, open architecture communications protocol using standard RS422 serial data interface. Communication connections may be made via copper wire, fiber optic cable or TCP/IP (CM II-N, PSM, IPP II, RPM II).

Two SDK options are available to developers for high-level interface of INTREPID Series II sensors into custom monitoring and control applications: INTREPID Polling Protocol II (IPP II) and Remote Polling Module II (RPM II).
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