385 RDS Rapid Deployment Sensor
Perimeter Security Solutions - Relocatable Microwave Sensor
385 RDS Rapid Deployment Sensor
385 RDS is a fully portable microwave transceiver which provides high probability of detection and low false alarm rate in the outdoor environment. State-of-the-art circuitry, a precise detection pattern and unmatched ease of setup with tampered external controls make 385 RDS ideal for short-term protection of VIP's, critical mobile assets such as trucks or aircraft, construction sites, freight yards and other temporary high security applications. 385 RDS can be used at gates, portals or roadway crossings or to establish a full perimeter of volumetric detection.

Sensitive, field-adjustable detection circuitry allows the 385 RDS to detect a human intruder while walking running, or crawling on hands and knees at a distance up to 122 m (400 ft) from the transceiver.

A patented Range Cut-Off (RCO) Circuit positively rejects all microwave targets beyond a preselected range. This unique capability makes 385 RDS immune to alarms from any object outside the RCO distance, even very large microwave targets such as semitrailers, trees, trains or overhead doors.

385 RDS is also equipped with a patented Zero-Range Suppression (ZRS) Circuit which reduces the amplitude of any microwave target which is at very close range. This circuit dramatically reduces nuisance alarms from rain, vibration, birds and windblown objects. Neither the RCO nor the ZRS affects detection of human intruders within the detection pattern.

385 RDS is supplied with rugged, universal mounting bracketry and a weatherproof mating connector for power and alarm connection. Tripod, power source and alarm transmitter / receiver not included. As a low current device, 385 RDS may be powered via batteries or solar power.
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