Model 415 Passive Infrared Intrusion Sensor
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Model 415 Passive Infrared Intrusion Sensor
Model 415 Passive Infrared (PIR) Intrusion Sensor is an advanced stand-alone sensor specifically designed for outdoor intrusion detection applications. Two curtain-shaped sensing patterns detect intruders by sensing the temperature (heat radiation) difference between the background environment and that of the intruder.

Through the use of the latest detector and signal processing technology, Model 415 is able to operate in almost any environment. Double optical filtering, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Signal Shape Analysis (SSA), and Adaptive Threshold Decoding (ATD) ensure reliable operation under changing environmental conditions. Nuisance alarms from rain, snow, wind, and fog are virtually eliminated.

Model 415 electronics and optics are housed in a rugged IP65 heavy-duty plastic enclosure. The universal mounting bracket allows mounting to flat surfaces or up to 100 mm (4 in) O.D. posts. An internally regulated heater prevents the optical surface from fogging or frosting in cold weather. The heater is connected to the electronics and operates from the supply voltage.

Set-up and adjustment are easy to accomplish. Simply aim the sensor slightly downward into the area that you wish to protect, apply power and allow a few minutes for the sensor to establish a reference level for operation. Perform a walk test and adjust sensitivity to provide optimum detection.

Optional installation software further simplifies alignment, signal check and routine maintenance.
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