RS232 Adapter
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RS232 Adapter
The 232A Adapter is used to communicate with the Intrepid MicroPoint Cable system or MicroNet system. It is used to program the address and communication terminations of Processor Modules before they are installed. It is also used for maintenance purposes.

This device has a small circuit card with a dB9 on one end, a 16-pin female IDC connector on the ribbon cable end, a microprocessor and a RS232 driver chip. They connect to the male 16-pin IDC connector on any Processor Module (PM) circuit board for RS232 communications to a PC or modem. The connector is keyed to prevent a wrong connection. The microprocessor supervises and buffers the two-wire duplex format communication between the PM and a PC or modem. The maximum wire distance from the 232A to a PC or modem is 50 feet (15m). The 232A Adapter is 15 inches (394mm) long, 1 inches (38.1mm) wide and weighs less than 1 pound.
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