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IBIS II - In-Between Interception System -  2nd Generation

The IBIS–II is the most advanced and newest GSM interception system in the market. The system was designed and developed according to the vast experience gathered in the last 10 years, while deploying worldwide hundreds of GSM interception systems, listening to customer’s feedback and analyzing customer’s operational requirements.

The IBIS-II is an advanced integrated active solution that includes all relevant sub
systems in a single unit, allows the user to scan, analyze, intercept, monitor, recordand track GSM mobiles, regardless if they are encrypted by A5.1 or A5.2 encryption (monitoring is not done by forcing the mobile to use A5.0 or A5.2 but rather by an
integrated deciphering capability).

The IBIS–II is a stand-alone solution for off the air interrogation / interception / monitoring / deception of tactical GSM communication, in a seamless way, without any cooperation with the network provider. The IBIS-II is restricted for Law Enforcement Agencies and Authorized Governmental Agencies and it offers them a powerful tool to intercept and track GSM communication of all types.

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